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Entrust with peace of mind - first choice Zongyou

Your trust and choice give us the most powerful support!

Zongyou International Enterprise Warehousing and Logistics is a small and medium sized company, but we have the services and the spirit of a large one.

We provide customers with a full range of logistics and transportation services. The main business includes: goods distribution, long and short distance transportation services, China to Taiwan sea and air transportation, agent purchase of goods, agent search for factory production goods, and payment. Between global and Taiwan import and export of goods, port picking and consolidating services, warehouse renting, circulation processing, single-product packaging, inspection, cargo handling, etc., we provide a complete set of services for your cargo import and export, management and delivery.

The company has a professional and energetic team, providing customers with long and short distance transportation, regional distribution and logistics handling, processing and packaging, and warehouse delivery services, so as to achieve the most efficient all-round warehousing logistics plannings.

The company cares very much its commitment towards customers. In order to improve the quality of management and make our customers feel secured, we especially focus on the most valuable safety of goods. All the Zongyou warehouses have been insured by Wangwang Youlian and Taian insurance Company, we have a fire insurance of 65 million NTD, and a theft insurance of 10 million NTD. There are not many warehouses with fire insurance in the industry. This is our advantage. And it is also performance, on which Zongyou, with our customers, attaches great importance. Our approach is to fully implement the service concept of "Entrust with peace of mind - first choice Zongyou".

Finally, I urge your favor, your trust and choice is our most powerful support!

Wu Songliang

General manager
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About Zongyou Concept

Entrust with peace of mind
First choice Zongyou


About Zongyou Company History


Logistics transportation - Stacker unloading a truck

First step

The trade between Taiwan and China was activated, and the demand for warehousing business increased. For that we rented in Linkou a warehouse of few thousands of square meters and started operate logistics and warehousing.

Woman employee in blue dress

Company Established

Global trade activities are hotly listed. In response to the rapid development of world commodity logistics, Fawei International Co. Ltd. was established.

Packaging processing production line

The company changed its name

Fawei International Co. Ltd. was changed to Zongyou International Enterprise Co. Ltd.

Zongyou Warehouse Management

Expansion and improvement of business service

Thanks to relatives, we have added thousands of square meters of warehouse space in Guishan to handle more business and to improve service quality.

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