Logistics transportation

Professional loading/unloading services, fast and flexible logistics dispatch, we deliver goods following the demands of customers. The best demonstration of our professional service is that the goods of our customers are delivered safely.

Loading Process

We will send a vehicle to collect the goods after customers contact and explain the kind of goods. Once arriving the warehouse, the classification and inventory of the goods will proceed, to determine whether to deliver in whole container or combining with other goods.

Unloading Process

Once arriving, our professional staff will proceed to unloading the container, classifying, inventorying and putting away the goods. We can check, sort and deliver the goods by date or categories, following the demands of customers.

Logistics transportation - Stacker unloading a truck


  1. Chartered vehicles: dispatch the appropriate vehicles according the amount of goods, and deliver the goods following the requested time, place and unloading methods by the customers.
  1. Returning trucks: Using returning trucks to deliver goods. There is no need to dispatch vehicles on specific time or customer demands. Because the delivery time is flexible and the customers can save a lot of transportation costs.
  1. Express delivery: By the demands of the customer, we can arrange delivery using Hsinchu Freight, Dayong Freight, Pelican Freight and other freight companies.
  1. Delivery with Special Requirement: We can arrange different vehicles if the customer have bulky goods or precision instruments to deliver and have special requirements such as air-cushioned trucks.
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