Warehouse management


Warehousing Location

Zongyou company has two warehouses, one is at Linkou, another one is at Guishan. They are located near the highway approach and in the center zone of Taipei area and Taoyuan city. The company's warehouses have excellent location, which can be quickly connected to aviation and highways

Zongyou Warehouse Management
Cost Evaluation

Traditionally in logistics industry, price is determined by a specific period of time of services, whether in weeks or every 10 days, and that may cause unnecessary costs for customers.

Zongyou Warehousing emphasizes on feedback to customers by reducing cost, for we calculate the price of our service by day. How much you pay depends on how many days you use. Customers’ needs are our top concern. Our customers can choose an evaluation method which is more beneficial to them depending on the status of their goods. Thus, it will be easier for our customers to control the cost.

You can find further information of our pricing in FAQ.

Guishan warehouse photo
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