Packaging processing services

According to customer needs, goods can be classified, repackaged, labelled, heat shrinkable film processed, and quality control inspected. Zongyou can also cooperate with customers for special needs, such as mechanical packaging, customized processing, and other value-added services.

Equipment characteristics

In order to become your most powerful logistical backer, we provide the best equipment services to make sure that your goods can be safely and smoothly transported. Your choice and trust are our forward momentum power.

Our equipment includes:

  1. Various new stackers.
  1. The deployment of all kinds of freight vehicles. All trucks are required to be insured for all truck and cargo problems.
  1. Improved security system, entire warehouse monitoring system from Shin Kong Security Co., and theft insurance of 10 million NTD.
  1. Fire-fighting equipment which has passed the security inspection of the local municipal government, fire insurance up to 65 million NTD.
  1. All kinds of processing and packaging machinery fully equipped, we can support free equipment according to customer's needs.
White packaging processing machine
Finished packing goods
Packaging processing production line
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